Adopt a Tree Program

Belmont Estate Adopt An Organic Tree Initiative 

Belmont Estate is a charming 17th-century, certified organic farm located in Grenada, the Spice Island of the Caribbean. As part of our advocacy to promote organic and sustainable agriculture, we are launching the Adopt An Organic Tree Initiative, offering healthy, organic trees for adoption. This includes cocoa, coffee, nutmeg, cinnamon, fruit trees, including trees that are going extinct. 

We have multiple gardens with seedlings, young trees, and mature trees that need nature-loving parents to adopt them. The first garden we opened for adoption is the Cocoa Conservation Garden located at the Royal Palm Avenue of Belmont Estate. 

Why do we do it?

  1. To increase awareness on organic and sustainable agriculture by offering best practice examples to farmers in Grenada and the rest of the Caribbean;
  2. To increase the tree stock of economic, forest and ornamental trees on the island by continuing to increase the diversity in our agro-forests;
  3. To train and inspire our youth to invest in agriculture, agri-business and other related industries;
  4. To support climate resilience by demonstrating climate smart agriculture through the planting of more trees to help lessen carbon emissions, maintain healthy soils and increase pollinators as natural solutions to climate change;
  5. To foster a spirit of volunteerism in our youth by involving them in organic and sustainable farming 

Who benefits from it?

  1. Grenadian farmers who will receive part of your investment through agriculture programs that will increase their harvest yields and harvest quality;
  2. Grenadian youth who will take part in four training programs per year for free, with the help of your sponsorship, in organic field management, bio-composting, harvesting and post-harvesting processing with practical training exercises (available in live and virtual settings);
  3. Grenadian communities whose livelihoods will benefit from the value added products developed from the harvest yields;
  4. Caribbean farmers and growers who will be beneficiaries of our research, tools and technologies sponsored in part by your donation

Who can adopt?

Organic tree adoption is open to everyone all over the world. It is transferable and can be gifted to individuals.  

What will you receive?

  • A digital certificate of adoption with your name (to be released within the week of tree adoption) 
  • A farm information card that has the photo of your tree at its exact location
  • Periodic updates on the growth, production and performance of your cacao tree with photos and farmer's notes
  • Produce package 

(For the cocoa tree - Cocoa package consisting of chocolate bars, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs and cocoa butter at the end of adoption year and every renewal thereafter)

  • Free farm and tree-to-bar tours on the first adoption year of the Plant Parent

What trees are available for adoption?

We just opened our Cocoa Conservation Garden where there are 22 young, organic cocoa trees (three years old) at a new cocoa field. The trees are expected to bear fruit in one to two years. 

Name of Garden:

Cocoa Conservation Garden 


Royal Palm Avenue, Belmont Estate, St. Patrick, Grenada

Tree Grower:

Anthony Noel, Farm Manager

Plant Origin:

Grenada Cocoa Association

Date Planted:

Research & Technology Partners: 

Grenada Ministry of Agriculture, Cocoa Research Institute, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture 


What are the adoption terms?

There are three types of organic trees that can be adopted—new plants, young trees and mature trees. Please refer to the chart below. 

New Organic Plant 

Young Organic Tree

Mature Organic Tree

Tree Age

0-3 years

3-5 years

Over 5 years

Duration of Adoption

3 years

2 years

1 year

Produce Package

___ items made from the yield of your tree

___ items made from the yield of your tree

___ items made from the yield of your tree

Tour Package

Free for 4 persons on the first year of adoption 

Free for 4 persons on the first year of adoption 

Free for 4 persons on the first year of adoption 

Virtual Visits

4x a year

4x a year

4x a year

Adoption Fee




Bulk Adoption Fee (3 or more)




Corporate Sponsorships

Adopt An Organic Tree is open for corporate sponsorships for $1,000 which includes 3 new plants, 3 young trees and 3 mature trees. Corporate sponsors are also entitled to free tours for 20 persons once per year, virtual visits, and cocoa packages. They will also be recognized as a Sustainability Partner on our website and social media pages.